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Stained Glass Repair Throughout the Caribbean


St. Paul AME Church, Hamilton, Bermuda

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Holy Rosary Church, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Holy Name Church, Bimini, Bahamas


Mezalick Design Studio, LLC is dedicated to the pursuit of quality and fair pricing in the areas of stained glass repair and mosaic murals.

Dedicated to the principles of old fashioned quality while using modern techniques,  Mezalick Design Studio, LLC maintains the level of workmanship you expect.    

In a world where quality and workmanship have taken a back seat to price, Mezalick Design Studio, LLC constantly strives to meet the needs of their clients desire for a long lasting product with a fair market cost.      

Historic stained glass repair and mosaic murals and newly designed stained glass windows are the foremost areas of their focus.   

Attention to historic stained glass windows is needed more than ever before.     

Mezalick Design Studio, LLC continues the tradition of quality and guaranteed workmanship  to ensure the survival of some of today's greatest treasures.     


Accomplished repair  projects include the works of ;     

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Paula Balano of Philadelphia,     

Steven Adam of Scotland, Louis Florance of France, Charles Connick of Boston,     

and Nicola D'Ascenzo of Philadelphia.  


The Firestone Library    Princeton University


A project that consisted of the replication of over 300 stained glass panels.

Firestone Library opened in 1948, as the first large American university library constructed after World War II.


Roughly 1.5 million volumes were moved during the summer of 1948 from East Pyne Hall, which until then had served as the University's main library.


The library building was expanded in 1971 and again in 1988 and currently has more than 70 miles (110 km) of bookshelves, making Firestone one of the largest open-stack libraries in existence. 


Though not the largest university library in the world, the library has more books per enrolled student than that of any other university in the United States.





First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

Erie, PA


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The American Glass Guild Auction

Our donation

"Hot Metal Haze"

Designed by Matthew Kibert


"Hot Metal Haze" is inspired by the city I grew up in, Pittsburgh PA. With the AGG's annual conference being held this year in Pittsburgh, and the endorsement of Mezalick Design Studio, it seemed like the perfect marriage of opportunity and inspiration to say thank you to the Guild for the James C. Whitney scholarship I received in 2010.
The piece is a portrait of not only a hard working steel worker, but also the Steel City itself. Ignited in the 1700's by the construction of Fort Pitt in western Pennsylvania (featured haloing the worker), "the City of Bridges" was eventually built on the backs of blue collared men like the one pictured. The three rivers of the Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela that shape the city itself, glow white hot in the heart of a man toiling in the vein of American industry. This was the sort of guy forever idolized to me in school growing up in the post rust belt Pittsburgh, which always seemed to be struggling to find its identity after the steel boom of the war era United States. The sun sets in the background over the city, which is framed by "riveted" punched lead, and the Fort Pitt and Smithfield Street Bridge lead overlays. These were bridges I frequented growing up on the Monongahela shore of the city.


American Red Cross

Fairfield, NJ





Faceted Stained Glass

Holy Redeemer Hospital Chapel

Custom Faceted Stained Glass



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Stained Glass Association of America

Accredited Member of the Stained Glass Association of America



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215 - 744 - 5490     215 - 744 - 3253 FAX







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